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The GamerGate incident was notable for many reasons, the greatest being that it represents an almost perfect case study of yellow journalism in the modern/post-modern, social media era.  GamerGate was represented by industry media, and later by mainstream journalists, as having been perpetuated exclusively by a raging swarm of misogynistic, racist, "alt right", neo-nazi, bro-culture, video gamers who were incapable of tolerating girls invading their beloved hobby.  Of course, this narrative was, and still is, ludicrious.  Nonetheless, that narrative was locked, and the yellow press has continued to escalate through character assasinations, muckraking and outright defamation, continuing to this day.

The official GamerGate wiki can be found here.

Industry Media Yellow Journalists

The GamerGate saga revealed the existence of overt collusion between numerous industry "journalists" (many were, in fact, merely bloggers or other amateurs), known as GameJournoPros.  GameJournoPros is a now-defunct private Google Group consisting of 150 writers, bloggers, and editors from various game news sites and media outlets. The mailing list, group members, and various leaked email conversations have sparked online discussion in the video game community's ongoing Gamergate controversy.

The existence of GameJournoPros and its leaked email conversations play a major part in the case made by #GamerGate movement that the game media industry is guilty of collusion, corruption and attempted censorship.

List of Members (The YellowJournos)